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Sanding and finishing Clay Day!

We had a rather unusual clay day this time around - a whole day dedicated to the processes of sanding, buffing and polishing your polymer clay creations. Unfortunately as I was doing quite a bit of demonstrating, I didn't get time to take many photos - apart from the abandoned buffing machine surrounded by the various wheels I used in my demonstration - and two sets of beads. As you can see from Theresa's round beads, the difference buffing with a high speed jeweller's wheel makes is quite noticeable, from matte to quite shiny. And likewise Lindley's lovely black and red folded beads - she's planning to use alternate shiny and matte beads as part of her necklace design. We discussed the use

Don't miss out! Clay day is on Sunday 22 July

Only a week to go till the next Clay Day! This Clay Day is going to focus on FINISHING - sanding, polishing, buffing - all the techniques and materials that give your polymer pieces that professional look. We will have a range of materials and equipment for you to try out and some "expert finishers" on hand to advise. Please note - this is a week earlier than normal in an attempt to avoid the big cycling event taking place in London the following Sunday.

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