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Nice to be back in business - January Clay Day

On Sunday 30th we had our first ‘in person’ clay day in almost two years. We also had two members join us via Zoom as a trial. Having a Zoom option might extend our ability to have remote demonstrators join us in future. This was our first time at St Judes hall, and we will continue to use this venue until our regular venue, Greenside, is no longer being used for vaccinations. The hall was warm, light and spacious and parking spaces were more abundant and closer to the venue.

Though we were fewer in number than pre-pandemic times, we all agreed it was really good to resume meetings. We were able to catch up on what we had all been up to and have some fun with clay. We chose to work with inspiration pictures for this day, as it is usually popular and easy to organise. Some interesting veneers and objects were produced.

Inspiration picture and selection of items made.

Inspired veneers

On the well-laden “show and tell” table we had a chance to examine some of the things we had previously seen online. It is so satisfying to hold a piece in your hands and appreciate the work up close.

Show and tell table

That said, an exciting set of objects were seen over Zoom. These were the figurines made by Jan Riordan. Jan has been researching historical characters and making amusing caricatures of them. We all agreed that it would be fun to make a figurine at a future clay day.

Figurine by Jan Riordan

Vase - polymer clay around a glass, by Lindley Smith

Textured polymer clay picture by Hilary Swaby

Another item on show, a lovely clock made by Lindley Smith, caught our imagination too. We decided that making a clock will be the theme for another clay day later on this year.

Clock with polymer clay face and surround by Lindley Smith

Although we try to have something specific to make on our clay days, people can always work on a project of their own. The benefit of our meetings is not just in having something specific to make, but in the exchange of tips and ideas and the general camaraderie. Bridget Derc brought along some of her old canes to make beads. It was interesting to see her assemble various components and we look forward to seeing the resulting necklaces at the next meeting.

In progress beads and cane slice by Bridget Derc

As several members of the LPCG steering committee are members of the British Polymer Clay Group, we have decided to bring the LPCG into the BPCG fold. The BPCG doesn’t require that all attendees to LPCG Clay Days are members of BPCG, so there will be no change to how we organise our clay days. By joining the BPCG we can pool resources, save money on insurance and hopefully encourage some of their members join us in London.

Our next Clay Day will be on 27th March and we will be taking inspiration from Lindley to make clock faces and surrounds. Clock parts will be provided.

Hope to see you there.


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