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March Clay Day feels like summer

The sun shone and the temperature outside reached a balmy 20C as we gathered for our March Clay day. For a while it really did feel like summer had come early. Although we have not reached pre-pandemic numbers, it was good to meet face-to-face once again and to welcome a newcomer.

The theme for the day was clock making and, as usual, we had our usual "Show and Tell" table.

Though we were busy, no one managed to complete a clock on the day, so we look forward to seeing the finished articles at the next Show and Tell. It is possible that you may see them sooner than that on our facebook group. As people went home with some spare clock kits, we may see an abundance of them in the coming days.

Above, Clocks in the making

The show and tell table had a range of finished items and not all jewellery based. We learnt how Sue Mills made the forms for her cats, and how Ann Parker made interchangeable dangles for her earrings. We also spent a moment or two admiring the very fine lace work of Hilary Swaby. Most of us have more than one craft that we love to see other works that our members make. Inspiration can come from many sources.

Our next clay day is in May 29th and we will be making figurines. We are expecting to be joined by Jan Riordan who has been making intriguing and witty characters in polymer clay which you can see at her facebook page


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