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Beads with a Difference

July 2022 Clay day

It was great to be back home at Greenside Community Centre! Ann gave us a fascinating demo of different and original ways of making polymer beads. Most of us tried out using cake icing nozzles as formers to make cone shaped beads, and some also tried the Tube Bead Kit. We also looked at a novel way of making hollow beads using larger metal tubes and paper straws. And Ann also showed us some necklaces with unusually shaped beads made using Sculpey Ultralight and explained the benefits of this clay.

On the Show and Tell table we looked at a wide range of beads members had produced and discussed how we’d made them. And it was great to see some products of previous Claydays, with a couple of cheerful figurines and lovely clocks.

A wonderfully creative day was had by all.

If you are inspired to try making the cone and/or tube beads, bead formers are available from MonkeyAnn:


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