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Finding a way with Zoom

Having run two successful clay days on Zoom, we wanted to see if we could run a clay day with a live tutor. Bridget volunteered to be the first to try this out. On the 27th September we held a trial clay day, with a limited group, where Bridget showed participants how to design and make Bargello inspired cane.  As well as making the cane Bridget also talked through how to design a successful cane without wasting any clay(!) and the many different designs one can achieve from just two colourways of clay.

The day was a great success in that not only did it provide us with valuable working knowledge to help us design and schedule a new programme of Zoom clay days but some very interesting and pretty canes were made using Bridget’s unique technique. And since we no longer have to book a hall or travel to London, there is no reason why we can't hold more meetings and have people from further afield join us.

Some very attractive canes were produced and we plan to run the Bargello clay day again so you too can join us and make something as fabulous as these examples also made on the day by our test group.

Coming up in November we will be holding two clay days on Zoom:

On the 8th November Bridget will run another Bargello Inspired Cane workshop and on the 29th November we will have a less formal get together to create some folk-art inspired polymer clay pictures. Both meetings will start and end at our usual times: 10am -4pm. Tickets are £25 (as it is a tutored event) and £5 (guided event) respectively. We hope that you will be able to join us.


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