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About Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay (or just 'polymer') is a man-made oven-hardening compound made up of PVC particles mixed with binders, plasticisers and pigments.

It can be 'cured' at relatively low temperatures (110-150 degrees C).  Cured clay retains its shape and vibrant colours, and becomes hard and permanent.


There are many different brands and formations, and it has been around for a while; one of the biggest, Fimo, recently celebrated it's 50th birthday.


Although it was initially developed as a doll-making and child's modeling material, there is growing international appreciation for its qualities as a 'grown up' art medium. It is possible for beginners to make stunningly beautiful pieces with only a roller, a blade and a plastic worksurface. 

Polymer artists have also 'borrowed' many techniques from other disciplines including textiles, metal-work and glassblowing. 

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