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Sanding and finishing Clay Day!

We had a rather unusual clay day this time around - a whole day dedicated to the processes of sanding, buffing and polishing your polymer clay creations.

Unfortunately as I was doing quite a bit of demonstrating, I didn't get time to take many photos - apart from the abandoned buffing machine surrounded by the various wheels I used in my demonstration - and two sets of beads.

As you can see from Theresa's round beads, the difference buffing with a high speed jeweller's wheel makes is quite noticeable, from matte to quite shiny. And likewise Lindley's lovely black and red folded beads - she's planning to use alternate shiny and matte beads as part of her necklace design.

We discussed the use of the buffing machine / bench polisher with various different wheels, Ann demonstrated the use of Micromesh sandpaper (and where to get it from!) and we had a brief look at media for tumbler machines which can be used to sand polymer clay beads.

We also had a go with Kato liquid clay as a way to glaze a finished bead, using a heat gun to cure it to a shiny finish (with varying degrees of success!).

I have lots of info on sanding and polishing polymer on my website so if you'd like to see the tools / techniques I was demonstrating click here.

Ginger of The Blue Bottle Tree has also published an e-book on sanding and polishing - get it here.

It was a fun, chatty, relaxed day with lots of LPCG regulars, and several new people (who probably thought we were all nuts!).

Our next Clay Day will be at the end of September and we are hoping Jane Cox will be demonstrating how to make and decorate ring bowls! Book your place now!


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