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March Clay Day

Back on the 8th March, as the pandemic was breaking but lockdown had not yet started, a few determined souls met on the Sunday braving the weather, engineering works and virus to once again swap stories, experiences and tips on polymer clay.

The demonstration was led by Kirsti, who showed us how with a few simple techniques you can make stunning sculptural items. So by the end of the day we had plenty of seahorses, dragons, parrots and dolphins to show for our day’s efforts.

The show and tell table was again full of amazing originality. As ever, a most useful time and place to not only get inspiration but to swap ideas on how to progress with our works. Always brilliant when we can often find ourselves working alone for so much of the time.

Next Clay Day May 31

Our next clay day was going to be the ever popular photo inspiration, where you would have been provided with a photo in the days before the session and you would have used it to base a piece you make during the day. As we are unsure as to when the lock-down will end, we are switching to an online clay day for May 31st. but we will follow an online tutorial rather than inspirational pictures. We will aim to keep our usual agenda and include "show and tell".

Further information on the day will be published shortly. Hope to see you there..

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