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November Clay Day - focus on surface treatments

We had a delightfully busy and buzzy Clayday on Sunday. It was great to see so many regular friends, and to welcome five new members. Alex, Diana, Marion, Mel and Pauline - we all enjoyed meeting you, hope you had a good day and that we’ll see you again next time.

Demos were given by Ann, Ruth and Theresa using a range of products for surface effects. People then got creative trying out Pan Pastels, ultrafine glitter, nail foils and others together with different texture sheets and stencils. There was a fair amount of golden gleam and silver sparkle in evidence on the many pieces so it was all very seasonal. As someone said “you can never have too many earrings”!

We’re planning a bead making special for January with another group project. But as mentioned before, January will be the last Clayday at the current price. We have searched other venues (thanks to everyone who made suggestions), and realised that what we are being asked for by Greenside is actually a reasonable rent nowadays. We have been a bit spoilt with a low rent for such a long time. So, regretfully, from March we will have to raise our Clayday price to £24. We do hope you will still find this really good value for so much friendship and learning packed into each day.

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