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Get your Christmas preparations started early!

September's clay day will help you get ready for Christmas!

Clare McKnight will be sharing two Christmassy options for our September clay day. Pretty tea light holders and heart tree decorations. You can choose to do one, or both.

Tea lights holder will be formed using translucent clay over a glass jar, with a pierced pattern, allowing the light to shine through the tiny holes. Clare uses empty 200g Nutella glass jars, (See her Nutella Brownie recipe below to use up the contents).

Heart are made using scrap clay. These make attractive Christmas tree decorations. with a subtle sheen finish. Clare will also show a very simple way to make colourful and attractive wire hangers for any kind of decoration.


For the Tea lights

One empty Nutella glass the 200g size with the curved base and white plastic lid. (Not the screw top jar)

Up to two blocks of translucent white clay or any other colour.

Fine needle tool.

Paper and pencil

cocktail stick

fake flickering candle night light.

For the Hearts

Fine coloured wire

A pen or needle tool of a similar thickness

Any clay in a colour of your choice (half a small block per heart.)

Small rubber stamps with floral/snowflake/xmas design

Pearlex powder gold/silver/coloured

Pasta machine

Work surface

Agenda for the day

10am Welcome, setup, refreshments

11:00 Demonstration

12:00 Working on your projects

1:00. Lunch - including (a very short!) AGM for the group

2.00 Show and tell

3:45 Last oven bake

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