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A Pre Christmas Treat!

We are so glad that Rajitha Nandakishor, one of our long term members who many of you will have met at clay days, has agreed to demonstrate the creation of her delightful rounded hinged boxes with us on Sunday 25th November - just in time for you to make your own super Christmas treat boxes!

Rajitha has sent us photos - see below - of her Easter boxes but is busy working on examples of Christmas boxes for her demo (I have to confess I want to do both).

You will need your usual kit (including mug - Greenside no longer provides mugs).

If you have any of the large wooden balls from Jana's workshop please bring them along or maybe any compressed papier mache balls or egg shapes. Ann may have some paper balls available.

Please save your egg cartons which might help to keep the boxes safe while curing in the oven.

Please save the date - 25th November - more details will follow as soon as Rajitha has some pics of her Christmas boxes.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

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