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A bit of January colour!

It's a very drizzly and grey day today, but we are hoping to give everyone a burst of colour just in time for the end of January.

Our next Clay Day is just a few days away on Sunday 29th January and the theme is COLOUR - so if you've ever wondered why some colours don't seem to mix cleanly, or how to get that special shade of deep red you're looking for, this is the Clay Day for you.

There will be a set of several different activities to get you thinking about colour, and deepening your understanding of colour theory.

And of course, if you just want to come along to catch up with your polymer friends, that's fine too!

To take part in the colour workshops, you will need:

  1. Our usual kit list (click here to see it) – plus:-

  2. Black and white polymer clay.

  3. If you think you will make a cane you will need six colours of clay; two light, two medium and two dark,

  4. ... alternatively bring a range of primary colours for the mixing activities (blues/yellows/magentas).

  5. A cookie cutter for measuring quantities for mixing.



The hall is open from 10am.

10.30am - Jude will introduce activities related to colour theory, showing what

each activity involves.

11am onwards. We will try out the activity of our choice (or maybe two or


1pm Show and Tell table – please bring along your latest creations.

Library closes

3pm Return to demo table to show and discuss the results of our labours.

4.30pm – last bake

We'll be having our usual "Show and Tell" table (show off your fabulous creations and troubleshoot your failures!), as well as the traditional slab of Weetabix cake.

And there will be the usual masses of opportunities to see what other people have been making and pick up ideas, tips and advice.

The 2017 line up currently looks like this...

  • 29 January - Colour Special!

  • 26 March - Tetra beads

  • 28 May - Bangle-making

  • 30 July - TBC

  • 24 September - Free-form hollow beads

  • 26 November - TBC

We have left a couple of days 'unplanned', so if there are techniques you'd like to see demonstrated (or something you'd like to demonstrate yourself) please tell us - all offers and ideas extremely welcome!

Events calendar: The LPCG website now has an events calendar, so if you're looking for polymer-related events, workshops, exhibitions and classes, have a look and see if something might appeal to you. And if you've got a polymer event coming up, please use the form just underneath the calendar to tell us about your event - a great way of letting people know what's happening.

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That's all for now, folks! We would love to see you on January 29th.

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