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September Clay Day line up announced...

Our next Clay Day on the 25th September is going to be full of interesting stuff, as usual!

Carol Blackburn will be demonstrating the 'Sutton Slice' technique, which uses a deep texture sheet and several different colours of clay to create really effective designs.

And Ann Parker will be exploring the possibilities of several different mould-making compounds including Oyumaru, silicone putty and others.

According to Carol; "The Sutton Slice is a lovely technique ‘invented’ by Pete Sutton who came about it by accident, which is often the way. The dimensional effect is easily achieved and Carol will be demonstrating this at the 25th September meeting. Most polymer will work but one that is supple after conditioning is ideal."

If you would like to try the technique, you’ll need:

  • A deep cut rubber stamp one with no wood or plastic support

  • Very sharp tissue blade

  • Pasta machine

  • Water spritzer

  • Acrylic rolling rod

  • 2 contrasting colours polymer (any brand, I use Fimo)

  • Skinner blend (optional)

  • Jewellery findings such as ear studs and round cookie cutter (optional)

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