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May 2016 Clay Day - LPCG 9th Birthday!

Clay day on Sunday the 29th May 2016 marked the 9th Birthday of the London Polymer Clay Group.

Like small acorns the group has grown from just myself and a beader meeting in a London coffee shop to the many members who now attend from London and far beyond.

On the 29th May 36 polymer enthusiasts arrived to celebrate. There were several new people and attendees came from Wales, Germany, Greece and of course our guest Ginger Davis Allmann from the USA who was over here for a family wedding.

As soon as everyone had arrived, greeted old and new friends and found a place, we began the day.

Our planned demo was unfortunately cancelled at the last moment due to family reasons. But as we are polymer people, we can improvise!

Ginger, of The Blue Bottle Tree website fame was already on the agenda to do a short demo and stepped up and filled the gap with an excellent talk on the different properties of all the translucent polymer brands on the market.

Following lunch we gathered around the Show and Tell table and with the help of the 2 minute timer there followed a lively discussion on several people's work who asked for suggestions on problem solving their piece on display.

The lovely photo Ginger's husband took of the LPCG members present on the day

Ginger did a short demo on revitalising old translucent polymer using Piñata inks and I did a short demo on making striped spacer beads.

No birthday is complete without a cake and Jude and Ann continued the tradition and made one with a Skinner blended icing. The candles were lit and we sang 'Happy Birthday' and with my help Ginger blew out the candles.

Thanks for everyone coming and helping us celebrate and without our loyal members we would have no LPCG.

Next year we will celebrate the LPCG being a decade old but until then the next clay day is Sunday 31st July and we hope to see you there.

In the meantime have fun claying.

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