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Inspiration images survey

Put your rating against each image in the table.  If you want to propose any new images, add them to the bottom of the table with a unique name (ideally the image file name).

Don't forget to put your name in the document before sending it back to Alison

Allocation of ‘rewards’

Agreed that many people contribute to a successful workshop, and this should be recognized by a discount on fee.  Overall value of discount to be Course fee x No of free places agreed.  Discount to be allocated to attendees in proportion to roles:

  • Finance                                      10%

  • Host                                           20%

  • Website/social media promotion     20%

  • Administration and tutor liaison       50%


Course fee £200, One free place = reward value £200.  Reduced fees as follows:

  • Finance                                      £180

  • Host                                           £160

  • Website/social media promotion     £160

  • Administration and tutor liaison       £100

Note that if two places offered, Admin role will go free


TO apply these discounts, please use the applicable code on the website when booking your place.


FINANCE CONTRIB - 10% discount

ONLINE CONTRIB - 20% discount

HOST CONTRIB - 20% discount

ADMIN CONTRIB - 50% discount

Meeting notes

14 January 2018
18 October 2017
4 July 2017
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