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First Time On Line

The last sunny Sunday of May saw us host our first on-line clay day. Being on line meant that we could have attendees from much further afield than London and the Home Counties even the South of France. Although there were undoubtedly issues from hosting Zoom for this type event for the first time, we all learnt something from it to bring to future sessions.

We followed a tutorial from Fiona Abel-Smith in our own time, sharing progress as we went. It was quite an in-depth make as there was a box to build from scratch as well as the cane to make and then cover the box. So we all moved on at our own pace depending on how much we had done beforehand.

The results are still coming in to our Facebook page but here are a few beautiful examples:

We look forward to seeing you at our next Clay day in July which will be all about taking an image as inspiration and seeing where it takes you in colour, shape or form.

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