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January Clay Day

clay day in progress

Despite the gloom of January we welcomed twenty members to the first Clay Day of the new millennium. It certainly wasn't gloomy inside. It was great to see many old friends and to welcome some newer members.

We are so lucky to have such talented demonstrators within our group so thanks to Theresa, Ruth and Jude for showing us how to make interesting canes, some simple, some more detailed.

one way of making a round bead - start with a square!

Because we were asked to use only blue and white clay for our canes we were able to share slices, giving us the possibility of much more variation in our beads than if we had to make numerous canes. The results were great. Some members added a tiny splash of a contrasting colour, others stuck strictly to the colour "rules".

As always, the atmosphere was warm and friendly with lots of advice being sought and cheerfully dispensed.

The Show and Tell table was full of beautiful and inventive pieces - thank you to everyone who contributed.

Our next Clay Day will be on March 8th. This is an unusual day for us but unfortunately the hall had already been booked on our usual date so please save the day. We hope to see members old and new for a fascinating topic. More details to follow soon.

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