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May Clay Day

Sunday 26th May clay day was our regular ‘focus on colour’ session, with Jude demonstrating three different options for people to work on their understanding of colour and colour mixing in polymer clay.

The three exercises were:

  • instinctual colour mixing – a reliable way to get the colour “recipe” of any colour you want.

  • pivot tiles – an exercise in seeing how colours shift when colour-wheel neighbours are added in controlled quantities, and then how they shift again when white, grey or black are added.

  • mosaics – Jude brought along some really beautiful mosaic beads with colour shifting “tiles” running around them – a very effective technique and one I think most people had a go at!

With several complete beginners and lots of new faces (as well as many regulars) it was a fun and friendly clay day, with Jude running a nursery group for the first time in a while, and lots of laughter and camaraderie around the show and tell table.

Bridget somehow managed to bring her (enormous!) work-in-progress table top in and we all did a lot of oohing and ahhing around it – it’s a fabulous piece of work and Bridget has refined and perfected her technique over the past (seven!) tables.

There were several pieces on the Show and Tell table that reflected Bridget’s workshop in January, including a fabulous mirror frame by Sue Mills. And also many items from people who attended Polymania in Bristol in March. Plus lots of pieces brought to ask for help or suggestions, including some lovely geometric beads from new attendee, Kerry, and some slightly wonky beads from Lindley Smith.

Overall it was an excellent day (despite the absence of our chairperson, Christine Whetstone) and a really friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Next Clay Day is going to be looking at all the different ways of joining elements of a design together – findings, clasps, toggles, buttons etc! It’s on Sunday 28th July in our usual venue.

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