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May Clay Day - Are you ready for colour?

On May 26th we will have our third colour special. As before Jude Parker will be demonstrating three activities each prompting you to explore an aspect of colour. You can choose one of these activities or, if you'd prefer to follow a worksheet from an earlier activity, that is fine.

We will be making mosaic beads to explore the effect of colour placement, continuing to develop our instinctive colour mixing and revisiting pivot beads.

To get the most out of the day you should bring:

  • Our usual clay day kit

  • A range of polymer clay colours, including the primaries (blue, yellow and magenta) plus black, white and scrap

  • A small cookie cutter for measuring (squares work well)

  • An inspirational image for instinctual colour mixing. Some postcards will be provided, but feel free to bring your own

  • A long straight knitting needle for making the base of the mosaic beads

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