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LPCG Annual report and finance report

London Polymer Clay Group Annual Report 2018 AGM 30th September 2018

The London Polymer Clay Group continues to flourish. We have well attended bi-monthly meetings and have been delighted to welcome our regular members together with new and enthusiastic members joining us during the year. Our philosophy is to encourage, teach, inspire and share the development of members’ skills and interests within the polymer clay world. We aim to create a warm and supportive atmosphere where members can discuss their work and develop their talents – and have a jolly good chat over a cuppa!

At each meeting there have been excellent wide-ranging demonstrations, both creative and practical, some presented by our members, some by visitors. Our “Birthday Treat” this year was a delightful day with Jana Honnerova – such an inspiration. Also many thanks to Debbie Carlton, who has often donated a treasure trove of polymer items she no longer needs.

The popular Show and Tell table is a great opportunity to ask questions, get advice and display our latest polymer creations – and sometimes disasters.

Services for members include the excellent library, a range of tools, buffing machine, cane slicer, use of ovens etc…. And of course there is cake, tea, coffee and biscuits!

Hopefully members have enjoyed looking at the LPCG website and Facebook pages for information and contributions from members.

Your steering group meets regularly in order to plan meetings and to consider fresh projects.

Our sister ‘South of the River’ LPCG group is also linked with BPCG and always warmly welcomes new members. Please contact Ann Parker at for more information.

We would love to hear from you, our members. If you have any fresh ideas or suggestions for demonstrations/events please complete the suggestion form below or just tell one of us.

Steering Group Members 2017 - 18

Chris Whetstone – Chair

Alison Clark – Secretary

Bridget Derc – Facebook Moderator

Theresa Hoenig – Treasurer

Ann Parker – Library and Events Organiser

Jude Parker – Clay Day Facilitator (including cakes, help with ovens – you name it, Jude helps)

Ruth Winchester – Website Organiser

Alison has moved out of London and so will be unable to continue as Secretary. We would like to thank Alison for her contribution to the smooth running of the group. Naturally we need a new secretary – is there anyone out there who would like to volunteer?

Other members of the steering group are willing to continue but if you would like to join us please let us know. All roles are up for negotiation as we all have different skills.

Suggestions for London Polymer Clay Group.

Suggested demos:

Suggested events:

Fresh ideas:

FINANCE report

Treasurer’s Report to the LPCG September 2018

At 1 May, 2018 London Polymer Clay Group had a healthy bank balance of £4088, although £1500 of this was committed for payment for the Jana Workshop.

This gives the group sufficient reserves to replace equipment if necessary, and makes it possible to plan ahead and arrange workshop events.

However during 2017/18 income from Clayday fees has only just covered costs, once expenses including insurance and website hosting are factored in and any additional expenses will mean we have to raise fees.

Theresa Hoenig LPCG Treasurer 12 September 2018

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