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Just two spaces left for this weekend's Jana Honerrova workshop...

We've had a couple of cancellations for this Sunday's birthday treat - an amazing Clay Day with Jana Honnerova. There are JUST TWO PLACES left.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike most of our Clay Days, this workshop is not suitable for complete beginners, as it requires some previous experience with polymer clay.

Specificaly, you must know how to condition clay and be able to make a SKINNER BLEND in advance of the workshop.

IF you're coming please read the following carefully.


All the usual polymer clay kit - pasta machine, roller, blades, worksurface.

Scalpel / rigid knife

Scissors, ruler.

Wavy blades (rick-rack blades)

Round cutters in various sizes

Plain A4 paper.

LPCG is providing the forms for curing.


1. Please prepare a SKINNER BLEND in PREMO - metallic and pearl colours preferred. Approx 2 blocks in total.

Use colours you like, plus white, alternate colurs to obtain many transitions, thick setting on your PM.

2. WHITE SHEET: Prepare a small sheet of white on your thinnest setting, and roll it together with paper through the pasta machine again at thinnest setting. The clay will stick in between the papers. Let it rest for AT LEAST 2 DAYS. Do not try to straighten the paper or remove it.

3: Condition SCRAP CLAY. Add a little black to your scrap to make a nice grey. We will use scrap if you have it ready and conditioned (approx 2 blocks). If not, take additional clay.

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