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January Sunshine!

Well OK this might be a misleading title but we had sunshine (inside) at our Clay Day on January 21st 2018.

There were 22 of us present and it was wonderful to see many old friends and to meet some welcome new members. Sunshine indeed!

We were treated to an intriguing extruder demo by Jane Cox. Some of her ideas were new to many of us and judging by the super creations on the day there will be lots of fresh designs as a result. Thank you so much Jane - it was a real treat and we hope that at our next Clay Day we will see some fascinating work as a result of your inspiration. That is a hint everyone!

The Show and Tell table had a wide range of 'exhibits' and it was, as always, a delight to learn how these pieces were created.

Thanks also to Debbie Carlton, who generously brought along a great range of her 'no longer needed' kit for us to take home for free. I'm sure Debbie will be delighted to know that by the end of the day everything had found a new home.

Finally, many thanks to everyone for helping to clear up the chairs and tables. It is so helpful if we can all join in with this tiresome end of the day stuff - but, as I said, it was a day of SUNSHINE. Thank you all.

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