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Booking is OPEN for our November Clay Day - come and make "acceptable and useful" Christma

Holidays are nearly here!

It’s that time of year, when thoughts turn to trees and stockings and what to put in/on/under them. Get your creative juices flowing with a collection of ideas. Any special materials you may need will be available.


Hospitality usually involves a drink. Protect your furniture with cork-based coasters in colours and designs to suit your décor.

Glass personalisers / glass charms

And if it’s party time with glasses getting mixed up, identification jewels will solve the problem.


Continue your theme with lightweight decorations, using a technique that also works – a bit smaller – for jewellery beads.

Note holder

Stumped for a gift? Get the template for making a Z-note holder to go by phone or desk.


All your normal materials and kit for making decorative veneers, plus:

  • PVA glue and brush

  • Sharp scissors and scalpel or craft knife

  • Ruler (ideally metal)

We will supply – one per person, free:

  • Card and templates for the note holder

  • Linking loops for the glass personaliser

  • Inners for baubles

  • Cork coaster base

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