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Booking now open - Maggie Maggio two day polymer colour workshop - London, February 2018

Maggie Maggio is an architectural designer, artist and art educator with a passion for color and form. She believes polymer is the perfect medium for color explorations because it is “color you can hold in your hands.”

We are delighted that Maggie has very kindly agreed to extend her teaching schedule to visit London next February.

Her two day workshop will take place on Sat / Sun 3/4 February 2018, at our usual Greenside Community Centre venue. The two days will run 9.30am-5pm, and the weekend will cost £190.

Workshop Description This new workshop combines a color class on the three dimensions of color with a project class that focuses on exploring the amazing sculptural (3D) capabilities of the clay.

One of the most important tools you will take away from this workshop is a color globe to help you understand the fascinating world of color relationships. Every student will receive a Mini Kolormondo and learn how to use the three-dimensions of color to choose a palette and control the mood and message of your art.

After making a collage and mixing a custom palette, students will use Maggie’s Color Wash technique to hand sculpt either a neckpiece similar to the one shown in the photo above or a collection of three bracelets.

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