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Booking is OPEN for our September Clay Day (please note change of normal date...)

Our next clay day will focus on how to make beautiful hollow, flat back beads with incorporated stringing channels.

PLEASE NOTE: Clay Day will be Sunday 17th September rather than the last Sunday of the month.


Maria Beremska will be demonstrating how to make these versatile beads. The demo will be done in two parts - one in the morning when the front and the back of the beads will be made, and one in the afternoon, when the beads will be assembled.

What to bring:

  • A pasta machine and some clay;

  • Any small metal cutter - the demo will be made with Ann’s cutters CS 7 as the beads in the photo;

  • Grease proof baking paper;

  • Cling film;

  • Flat silicone pen / shaping tool;

  • Bead piercing pin 1.7mm or a needle / rod / tool of a similar diameter;

  • 1.7mm drill bit;

  • Jewellery flat nose pliers;

  • Slow setting glue (15 min) suitable for polymer clay, a cotton cloth and spirit to wipe it off;

  • Sanding paper - 180 and 1000 (or 1500) suitable for wet sanding.

Don’t worry if you don’t have some of the above, we can share! Please note: The demo will be with two colours of clay, as the focus will be on the bead construction. Although the beads can be done with any pre-made veneer, or a veneer can be made on the day, each of us will only be able to bake one or two beads on the day.

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