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Colour special MKII

OUR next clay day is on Sunday 30th July - only a few weeks away. And it features our second session on colour, back by popular demand!

Did you miss out last time? Or did you come, and now want to learn more? Either way, we're introducing a new activity on instinctual colour mixing, so there will be something fresh for you to learn and do.

We will be running 3 activities, each designed to teach a different aspect of colour. choose the one that you feel you will get the most out of. you will probably only have time to focus on one during the day, but there will be information available if you want to try another activity at home.

Our spots and stripes activity will have you making a series of canes to learn about the ways colours interact when placed next to each other. choose this if you find you pick colours you like, but are often disappointed by the way they look together.

Colour scales will have you mixing a range of colours to learn about the relative strengths of different pigments. choose this if you would like to mix your own custom colours, but you don't know where to start.

Our new instinctual colour mixing activity will guide you as you mix a colour chosen from an inspirational image. choose this if you would like to mix colours to match a favourite dress, or would like to take on the challenge of mixing a specific colour with some guidance.

We will also have the worksheets on pivot tiles & beads, which was shown last time. if you choose this, you will mix a range of subtly different shades of a chosen colour.

You will need:

  • our usual clay kit

  • a range of polymer clay colours, particularly primary colours (yellows, blues & magentas), plus black & white

  • a small cookie cutter, for measuring (squares work well)

you may also want to bring:

  • an inspirational image (for the instinctual colour mixing activity, there will be post cards for you to use on the day)

  • stringing (to keep your colour scale in the right order on the way home)

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