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March LPCG Clay Day is open for booking - come and make tetra beads with Carol Blackburn

Rather belatedly, booking is open for our next Clay Day, which is on 26th March.... just £20 for a whole day of amazing polymer fun!

Carol will be demonstrating her novel, hollow "Tetra Beads". If you would like to try them you will need:

  • a plain colour polymer or a patterned cane of your choice, preferably not old

  • scrap clay conditioned to mud

  • pasta machine

  • craft knife

  • tissue blade

  • knitting needle used as modelling tool

  • ruler

  • piece deli paper or similar

  • pin vice and small drill bits

We'll be having our usual "Show and Tell" table (show off your fabulous creations and troubleshoot your failures!), as well as the traditional slab of Weetabix cake. The amazing travelling LPCG Library will be there (check out the books, journals and DVDs available here). Plus, it's a great place to have a look through (and buy) the fantastic MonkeyAnn cutters and texture-makers.

And there will be the usual masses of opportunities to see what other people have been making and pick up ideas, tips and advice.

The 2017 line up currently looks like this...

  • 29 January - Colour Special!

  • 26 March - Tetra beads

  • 28 May - Bangle-making

  • 30 July - TBC

  • 17 September - Free-form hollow beads (please note change of date!!)

  • 26 November - TBC

We have left a couple of days 'unplanned', so if there are techniques you'd like to see demonstrated (or something you'd like to demonstrate yourself) please tell us - all offers and ideas extremely welcome!

Events calendar: The LPCG website now has an events calendar, so if you're looking for polymer-related events, workshops, exhibitions and classes, have a look and see if something might appeal to you. And if you've got a polymer event coming up, please use the form just underneath the calendar to tell us about your event - a great way of letting people know what's happening.

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That's all for now, folks! We would love to see you on March 26th.

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