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September Clay Day agenda - and booking now open!

We will have two unusual and inspirational demos from our members, Carol Blackburn and Ann Parker for our upcoming Clay Day, on the 25th September. We will also be holding our annual AGM for anyone interested in the running of the LPCG.

Agenda for the day

The hall opens at 9am when members can arrive and help to set up the room.

  • 10.30 Welcome and Intro

  • 11.00 Carol’s Demo – Sutton Slice

  • 12.00 Lunch and AGM

  • 1.30 Show and Tell

  • 1.30 Library closes

  • 2.00 Ann’s Demo – Making moulds and texture sheets

  • 4.30 Last Bake

  • 4.45 Clear tables and chairs


Carol will demonstrate the Sutton Slice, a technique “invented” by Pete Sutton who came about it by accident, which is so often the way.

You will need:-

  • Deep cut rubber stamp that has no wood or plastic support

  • Very sharp tissue blade

  • Pasta machine

  • Water spritzer

  • Acrylic rolling rod

  • Two contrasting colours polymer (any brand – Carol uses Fimo)

Range of moulding materials

Ann will be sharing how to use moulding materials, using a range of materials, including silicone (Amazing Mold Putty and bathroom sealant), Polymorph, Coolmorph, Oyumaru, Bake and Bend and Mold Maker. Some of these will be available for you to try.

  • Please bring along interesting items to take impressions of, but not commercially made stamps and texture sheets. Here are some suggestions:-

  • Shoes with interesting soles

  • Fabrics

  • Pebbles

  • Teeth (see Jude for that one)

This will be a good opportunity to compare a large range of the different products available – avoiding unnecessary expense and storage of unwanted items.

AGM: The London Polymer Clay Group AGM will take place at 12 noon. A short Annual Report and financial report will be presented together with nominations for the steering group.

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