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March meeting–a riot of colour

Angela Guertel has kindly offered to demonstrate a simple technique using white clay, liquid clay and pastel chalks for creating an amazing surface treatment that is welcoming Spring into your polymer creations. The effect achieved is a mix of wonderful colours with the white background staying pristine in places.

The result reminds her of the colour riots happily fought on the occasion of the Holi (Hindu Spring Festival) celebrated in India, Nepal and throughout Asia. People in the streets create mayhem with coloured powers and water and anyone daring to be on outside will be covered from top to bottom.

Material list

- All the usual polymer clay items such as work surface, pasta machine, blades, acrylic roller and your favourite tools plus cutters of any shape you like (for shaping your pendant etc)

  • Block of white clay (I am using Fimo Classic but probably any brand will work)

  • Liquid clay (any brand)

  • Stencils with patterns that are not too large

  • Pastel chalks in various colours

  • Gouache paints (these can also be used or can be used in place of chalks)

  • Needle tool or thicker sewing needle

  • Ear studs or other findings if you want to make a pair of earrings

How to book etc

Click here to book, but please read the rest of the information in this post too! The cut off for the Early Bird Draw (where you can win back your entrance fee) will be midnight on Sunday 16 March.

Bulk clay order

Ann is organising another Clayaround order. Full details here, but briefly, you can chose your clay, tools etc at but place your order with Ann to save 15% of the full price of the clay (not other items). The deadline for orders is Thursday 6th March, and must be collected at our next meeting on Sunday 30th March.

Venue and other information

The day will run from 10.30am to 4.30pm and will cost £15

Our venue near Marylebone Station and a general kit list are available here. Tea and coffee are provided and included in the fee, but there are no café facilities.

Please bring any items you have from our library which are due to be returned so that they can be borrowed by other members.

Please also bring your work for the Show-and-Tell table – as many items as you like but if the table looks very full and you have several items on display, please be prepared to hide one or two. We like to use the table for problem pieces which you need help/advice on as well as work of which you are proud – and also items which show how you solved a tricky problem.

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