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March 2013 meeting report

Much to everyone’s surprise snowflakes were falling in the morning as we arrived and some areas outside London had a few inches of snow but in spite of that 38 came to the March meeting – Ann could be seen in a lime green coat with 2 hot water bottles to warm her up. Carol and Alison have just returned from Synergy3 in the States and hope to tempt some of our American friends over to run a class for us.

Today was the launch of the library –

I was fortunate to borrow Barbara Mcguires’ ‘Creative Cane’ book. To participate you are given a borrower number and a deposit is left with Ann. I now have the use of the book until our next meeting. This book was a generous donation by Barbara following Carol asking her nicely at Synergy. The library also has DVDs and magazines which can be a great source of inspiration for production of work for the next Show and Tell table.

Alison’s demonstration was the highlight of the day. Screen printing onto polymer clay with acrylic paint and then sealing with liquid clay after firing. Alison provided screens to practice with and also ones for sale.

They can be seen at her website and in the work of Spanish artist

The screens are produced by her husband in French sunlight using designs created by her daughter. A great family effort.

She also showed how she makes her pendants that are domed on the inside of an aluminum drinks can. I spent the next hour eying up the half finished cans of other clayers until finally I could have one and make my own pendant. Today was also the launch of the Tips page and this is one, using the base of a drinks can, is a great tip.

One of the highlights of the show and tell for me was a wooden pen coated in a peacock cane (as previously demonstrated by Wendy) inspired by the work of Jana Lehman

As it was the weekend before Easter it was great to see Angela covering a plastic egg with a cane based on Donna Kato’s shape shifting cane, a cane Donna credits to Sandra McCaw.

Carol and Elly spent time exploring the LPCG Pinterest page which Elly has created.

Dawn did a sterling job providing lunches for those of us who wanted chilli con carne, jacket potatoes or chicken fajitas. The kitchen was a popular place to hangout either for the lovely food or because it was warm when the main hall was rather chilly.

There were 4 new members this meeting and Emily provided her usual informative ‘newbie workshop’.

Our meeting in May will be the groups 6th birthday and plans are being made how to celebrate. So mark your diaries for Sunday 26th March. And we’ll see you there.

Report and photos – Ruth Colenso

Photo of screen print samples – Gorden Stewart

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