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July 2013 Meeting report

Our July clay day was at our new venue Greenside Community Centre in Marylebone NW8. It’s a well-run centre and we hope it will be our home for many more meetings and workshops.

A warm welcome to our new members Jane Rees and Irene Hoiles. They’re new to the group but definitely not new to polymer clay and I can see we will be asking them both to do demos for us in the future!

So that our clay days will be more about playing with clay, information about our events and news of what is happening in the London group and elsewhere will be posted on our website and on our LPCG Facebook page. This is run by Veronika Sturdy and will be where you go to first to find out the latest hot polymer news!

We also have an LPCG Pinterest page kindly set up and run by Elly McRae. Here you will find a host of boards with interesting information about colour, tutorials and our members own pages with pictures of their polymer clay work. If you need inspiration go there!


We held a brief Annual General Meeting. The treasurer’s, secretary’s and chairperson’s reports will be posted on the LPCG website. Treasurer Susan Rimmer and Secretary Sue Margetts are stepping down this year. They have been helping run things in the London group for many years and we will greatly miss their contributions and support within the steering group. Candidates for Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary were voted in unopposed: Carol Blackburn as Chairperson, Janet Barton as Secretary and Elly McRae is our new Treasurer.

Also helping to run the group is Ann Parker and she has volunteered to be our new Events Organiser. Ann organised Melanie Muir and Sarah Shriver’s workshops so I know we are in capable hands and she will do a good job. Ann will also continue to run and expand our library that she started. In fact we have 6 new books and two new magazines added to the library at clay day. Two books were donated by Debbie Carlton and 4 we bought from her book ‘clear out’ sale.

Our demo was by Elly McRae on ‘Photographing your Polymer Clay Jewellery’. This was an excellent presentation of how to and how not to photograph our work. I know our photographs will take a step up having seen demonstrated the good and the bad in other people’s photographs.

Several members had entered the Inspiration Challenge. Prior to the meeting, those wishing to participate were each sent a different picture randomly selected and coordinated by Susan Rimmer. We had four weeks to get inspired by our picture and create anything in polymer clay. The idea was to shake us out of our comfort zone and to work with different colours and other restraints we wouldn’t usually choose to work with. Several people said it made them think about other ways of working and designing. The ‘inspiration’ photos were pinned up and it was fun seeing how people had interpreted the original photos. There were no prizes, just fun to do.

Two workshops being planned for next year are Jana Lehmann and Dan Cormier.

And the next clay day is 29th September, so mark your diaries and we’ll see you then.

Have a good summer.


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