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July 2012 Meeting Report

As Olympic fever has well and truly gripped our nation Team LPCG had a very loose Olympic theme for our July Clay Day. Based on the 5 colours of the Olympic Rings we had demos of various faux techniques. Lapis Lazuli was demonstrated by Cara Hayman for the blue and malachite by Sue Margetts for the green. Debbie Carlton demoed faux bone/ivory and sheets were given out with instructions for cinnabar, amber and lava stone.

Many people tried out the different techniques while others got on with other projects. At any given point the noise level in the room was amazing with so many people sharing ideas, laughing and chatting. I am sure the 8 new people were amazed at the generosity and spirit of the LPCG as well as being very appreciative of Emily Parker’s nursery class (thanks again Emily!)

Once again the show and tell table was full of many different and wonderful pieces. A lot of Melanie Muir inspire bangles and bracelets were in evidence and discussions flowed about finishing techniques and the matt/shiny debate remains undecided!

We finished the day with our AGM, full details of which can be found here but in summary the LPCG is growing, has a healthy bank balance and has plenty of plans for the future. If you have any ideas of your own we would love to hear from you!

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