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January 2011 Meeting Report

A warm welcome to new member Gilly.

The meeting started with Christine leading us through the show and tell items. As usual there was a wide variety covering different styles. Allison had brought along the Christmas copy of ‘Making Jewellery’ with her featured tutorial, along with the finished necklace and bracelet.

New member Gilly had an impressive graduated lentil necklace, especially as she has only been claying since November. Wendy had been experimenting with recreating Bakelite, and had a variety of brightly coloured pieces. Toni brought along a box she had covered with textured polymer clay tiles, embellished with gold leaf and pearlex. Claire showed a mosaic picture of a lizard in an Aboriginal style and Tom and Jerry figurines. Christine had a box of her hollow beads, showing different surface techniques.

Susan took our first demo of the day, this was on signature canes. Susan had brought with her enlarged images of numbers and letters and showed us how to break these up into simple shapes, which can then be fitted together and reduced. As an example Susan showed us how to do a date cane for ‘2011’.

After lunch Emily demo’d donuts. These are hollow pendants, made by trapping air between two sheets of clay, one of which has been domed. This technique was first shown by Susan over a year ago. Donuts were then made in a variety of shapes and finishes.

To my knowledge this was the first meeting Carol had been unable to attend and she was greatly missed.

Ann Parker

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