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Get Crackling!

Today we held our bi-monthly meeting with Elly McRae leading us through some different ways of getting a crackle effect. Many of us were familiar with techniques using foil or acrylic paint and we talked about those but Elly showed us how to achieve cr

ckle just in the clay itself through use of a heat gun for a around 20 seconds. this can then be back filled with paint to highlight the crackles. We then used that to make a pair of earrings, or for some people, several pairs! Elly also demonstrated some wire working techniques and told us about the LPCG Pinterest page which has a board with lots of wore working ideas. It was agreed that making your own findings can make your work unique and save you money.

We had 5 first time visitors including 3 who are new to our versatile medium and who learned a lot from Jude Parker in the ‘nursery class’. Anne Jennings, Christine Whetstone and Paulette Edwards came away buzzing with ideas. We were also joined by Alexia Leon, originally from Spain but now living in England who has been using polymer for years on and off. She brought some lovely work which can be seen on the show and tell table in the photo on the left). We were also joined by Conny Brockstedt from Germany who came along with Angela Guertel.

It was evident from the show and tell table that people have been having fun following classes from Dan Cormier, Carol Blackburn and Celine Charuau. Susan announced that she had rejoined the steeringgroup as treasurer and that Bridget Derc would be taking over as secretary. Susan thanked Elly and Sue Margetts for their service to the LPCG. She also announced that in September we will be holding a kind of bring and buy sale, for people to sell no longer needed tools, books, videos etc. More details to follow soon.

Photos and report by Susan Rimmer

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