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If you would like to take part in the Christmas mash up activity, you will need to bring a blank shape to be covered or, if you can’t do that, make one quickly on the day. The blank can be any shape or size you want, but you should think about a few things: 1. Weight. Try to keep it light so it doesn’t fall off the tree giving your cat/child/uncle a concussion. We suggest using ultralight (on sale on the day from Clayaround) or creating some sort of hollow form. If you would like more information, contact 2. You might want to use abstract shapes. You will have no input in the covering of the piece, so your tree/angel/gingerbread figure might not be covered in a way that is a literal interpretation of its form. 3. Try to choose something easy to cover. We might be short on time, and if that happens, your piece will have a better chance of getting finished if the blank doesn’t have too many sticky-out bits. On the day, you will be given an instruction sheet. Any mentions of specific colours on that sheet are for organisational purposes only. We are splitting people into four groups so that pieces can be easily swapped while maintaining anonymity and insuring no one works on their own piece.

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