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Book now for our first clay day of 2014

We plan to continue to hold our clay days on the last Sunday of the ‘odd’ months (ie Jan, March, May etc) through 2014 so our first one of the new year will be Sunday 26 January when Carol Blackburn will do not one but two demonstrations!

Toggle Closures

A toggle is a really simple way of creating a closure to match perfectly a necklace or a pendant. It can be a simple toggle that lies at the nape of the neck or designed as a feature within the necklace – the principle is the same and there are many ways to design them.

and also ……..

Make Your Own Cords for Jewellery

After making your beautiful polymer clay beads or pendant you’ll want to string them to show them off in the best possible way. You go through your stash of cords but there’s nothing suitable. So you dash off to the bead shop hoping to find the right thing. But why not make your own cord to match and enhance the beads in your necklace? With just few tools you’ll see how easy it is to make some simple twisted cords.

If you want to have a go all you’ll need are two pencils and some plain 4ply yarn in two colours.

How to book etc

Click here to book, but please read the rest of the information in this post too! The cut off for the Early Bird Draw (where you can win back your entrance fee) will be midnight on Sunday 12 January.

Our venue near Marylebone Station and a general kit list are available here. Tea and coffee are provided, but there are no café facilities.

Please bring any items you have from our library which are due to be returned so that they can be borrowed by other members.

Please also bring your work for the Show-and-Tell table – as many items as you like but if the table looks very full and you have several items on display, please be prepared to hide one or two. We like to use the table for problem pieces which you need help/advice on as well as work of which you are proud – and also items which show how you solved a tricky problem.

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