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We need a Secretary!

We need a Secretary for the LPCG.  Responsibilities include:

  1. Contributing to planning meetings for Clay Days and Workshops (we normally meet over dinner in Victoria, once every three or four months).

  2. Helping run Clay Days and supporting other Steering Group members in their responsibilities

  3. A bit of day-to-day admin, including keeping brief minutes of our planning meetings / action points and circulating afterwards.

  4.  Keeping membership and attendance records (not difficult as the website does most of it)

  5.  Keeping up to date with the official requirements for clubs and societies (eg making sure we produce an annual report and finance report).

This role is absolutely essential for the continuation of the group, so please do think about whether you could take it on.   It’s not really very much work, maybe 2 hours a month, plus meetings 3 or 4 times a year which get the business done in an enjoyable and sociable way.


All of the Steering Group are volunteers, but we do pay expenses for meetings and there are occasional discounts for workshops and other aspects of our work.

Interested? Email Chris Whetstone or Ann Parker to find out more (or speak to them at our next Clay Day!).

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