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July 28, 2020

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October 21, 2019

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July 27, 2014

Today we held our bi-monthly meeting with Elly McRae leading us through some different ways of getting a crackle effect. Many of us were familiar with techniques using foil or acrylic paint and we talked about those but Elly showed us how to achieve cr

ckle just in the clay itself through use of a heat gun for a around 20 seconds. this can then be back filled with paint to highlight the crackles. We then used that to make a pair of earrings, or for some people, several pairs! Elly also demonstrated some wire working techniques and told us about the LPCG Pinterest page which has a board with lots of wore working ideas.  It was agreed that making your...

July 29, 2012

As Olympic fever has well and truly gripped our nation Team LPCG had a very loose Olympic theme for our July Clay Day.  Based on the 5 colours of the Olympic Rings we had demos of various faux techniques.  Lapis Lazuli was demonstrated by Cara Hayman for the blue and malachite by Sue Margetts for the green.  Debbie Carlton demoed faux bone/ivory and sheets were given out with instructions for cinnabar, amber and lava stone.

Many people tried out the different techniques while others got on with other projects.  At any given point the noise level in the room was amazing with so many people sharing ideas, laughing and chatting.  I am sure th...

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