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Library rules

Polymer clay books
Joining the library

Any LPCG member shall be able to borrow from the LPCG library, on or after their second meeting.


There is no charge for membership to the library. However, a cash deposit of £20 is required and will be held by the librarian for the duration of their membership.


We reserve the right to retain part, or all of the deposit to replace unreturned or damaged materials.


Members may borrow 3 items (choose from 1 of each; book, magazine, DVD, or cane builder)


Please contact the librarian if you have suggestions for new titles to add to the library, or have material you are willing to donate.

Library Rules

  • No items should be removed from a meeting without checking out through the librarian.

  • Lent items are 60 days only (or the period between meetings). You are able to borrow materials from the LPCG library during clay meetings, these should be returned at the next clay meeting.

  • Borrowed items are to be returned within 60 days of lending. They are to be returned to the librarian or her agent.

  • When returning an item, be sure your name is marked as returned; otherwise you are responsible for that item.

  • If you are unable to return items in person, they should be posted to the Librarian, email ( for the address. 

  • Every effort should be made to return on time. Important: If you will be late, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the librarian by e-mail ( Please notify librarian as soon as possible if you know you will be unable to attend the next meeting.

  • If you are late returning materials, a LATE FEE of £5.00 per 60 day period shall be applied. If you are consistently late returning material, your library privileges shall be reviewed and possibly terminated.

  • WAITING LIST: Any member can request to be put on the waiting list for any item. When the item is available, you will be notified by email that the item is available. It is your responsibility, to approach the librarian at the next meeting and ask for this item.

  • LOST ITEMS: If an item is lost while in a member’s possession, the cost to replace the items falls to the member. Please discuss this with the librarian.

The LPCG librarian:

1. Maintains and organizes library material for use by the members.

2. Keeps a list of all materials and loans.

3. Notifies members of overdue material and collects fines and passes to treasurer.

4. All purchases of new material to be agreed by LPCG Steering Group.

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