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January 2019 Clay Day - Fascinating patterns with polymer canes (1)

A special clay day to start the year. Bridget Derc will show us how she makes her amazing intricate patterns. PLEASE NOTE you will need to bring some ready-made components for this event. See Clay Days>January Clay Day Homework for instructions.

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January 2019 Clay Day - Fascinating patterns with polymer canes (1)
January 2019 Clay Day - Fascinating patterns with polymer canes (1)

Date and Time

12 Feb 2019, 09:30 – 13:30

The Greenside Community Centre, Lilestone St, Marylebone, London NW8 8SR

About this event

Polymer clay is an enticing medium for pattern making as Bridget Derc will demonstrate at our January clay day. She uses the repetitive placement of cane slices in a systematic way to make fascinating patterns.

In her demonstration she will show how she prepares geometric grids to ensure the slices of polymer canes are placed accurately and how to build up patterns that ‘flow’. She will take you through each step of the process, including choice of surfaces on which polymer can be placed. Attendees will be able to prepare a mandala or tile using slices of a cane that we will make on the day.

To ensure that everyone will have the opportunity to create patterns, attendees will have some homework to prepare for the clay day. Each person will be asked to bring a skinner blend bullseye cane, stack or simple layered stack. These will be used to build a larger cane on the day. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE INFORMATION ON WHAT TO MAKE IN ADVANCE OF THE DAY

Further information will be sent out on booking, so please book early. This is going to be a packed day. So, it will be good for people to arrive for 9:30 if possible, though we normally start at 10:00. The clay day will be suitable for both beginner and experienced clayers.

Materials and tools

- Approximately 120-180g clay made up as per instructions (preferably Premo, but Fimo can be used provided the cane is freshly made with well-conditioned clay).

- Graph paper

- Baking parchment (siliconized on both sides)

- Ruler, compass* and protractor*

- Cutting blade and scalpel (or similar cutting tool)

- Usual tools for handling and burnishing clay

- Fine needle (a beading needle best but sewing needle will do).

- Sheet of toughened glass* large enough to layout a mandala or tile onto. A ceramic tile and/or baking parchment can be used instead. Plain glass is not recommended. Bridget uses glass retrieved from a scrapped fridge. Single ceramic tiles can be bought from B&Q at a reasonable price as sample tiles.

- A means to carry home your uncured work safely

* Items are optional

General Info


Each day runs from 10am-4pm and our current venue is Greenside Community Centre, 24 Lilestone Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8SR.


We are a very friendly group and people are usually willing to offer advice and guidance to beginners on an ad-hoc basis. However we often also run a short session for complete beginners, our "Nursery Group" - if you would like to be included in this please let us know as part of your booking.


You may take still photos (unobtrusively!!!) during the demos, but in fairness to our demonstrators, please do not video any of the demos. Please don't post your photos onto Facebook or other social media after the event.


In addition we have a “Show-and-Tell” table at each Day. Members can use this to display and talk about a recent creation, or to ask for help in solving a problem. If you don't bring anything to show, you're quite likely to have your (polymer!) jewellery removed at the door by Carol!

Please be aware that pieces on the Show and Tell table WILL be photographed and posted on our website and facebook site.

Lastly, the table is called 'Show and Tell' for a reason - please be willing to answer questions abour your process and techniques - that's how everyone learns!

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